Article 1 : The main mission of the National Institute for Child Protection is to provide the Government with the information it needs to elaborate general policy for the promotion of children.

The Institute’s main responsibilities involve :

  1. Conducting studies and research on children, mainly issues related to children suffering from neglect and lacking family support.
  2. Suggesting preventive measures and appropriate actions to achieve favorable conditions for a healthy and harmonious growth of children, based on the studies and research mentioned above.
  3. Managing social and educational institutions and shelters for children that can be entrusted to the institute by the state.
  4. Encouraging the adoption of children and their placement in families according to prevailing legislation and regulations.
  5. Assisting children-promoting organizations as well as the specialized institutions that are under their technical and financial support.
  6. Supervising these institutions at the technical level.
  7. Contributing to the training of competent education specialists.