Leisure and entertainment

Organize festivities on the occasion of religious and cultural holidays and arrange summer camps and trips for children and host families.
Set up clubs (drawing, music, sports, dance, synthetic games) and keep them going.

Who can contribute to the organization of such activities and how to join :

Any corporate or individual, club or organization can participate after contacting the Institute or sending a letter, specifying :

  • The type of participation and relevant background information
  • The date of the event and the names of people involved in it . This can be carried out within a partnership arrangement or within particular or ad hoc events ….

How to contribute :

  • By being in charge of the whole financial aspect of the event
  • By taking part in the costs or logistics, as such providing :
    • Snacks and beverages
    • coordinate with moderators
  • By covering participation fees and providing beneficiaries with free of charge service.