Provide Social Support

To biological families

  • Counseling, advice and orientation by State and NGO structures, to help families meet their needs and assert their rights while supporting their children’s right to protection, financial support and legal identity.
  • Helping mothers to define and carry out their life goals with their children.
  • Reconciliation with the children biological fathers and families if so desired.

To temporary host families :

  • Granting them allowances relying on the child’s health.
  • Specific help when possible.
  • Free healthcare in institutions of the Ministry of Public Health for children in custody.
  • Follow up and assistance by a multi-disciplinary team from the Institute of the child education and aptitude for integrating a new social and family environment.

To adoptive families within adoption or child-in custody framework

  • Helping them get ready and prepare a favorable family environment to host a child.
  • Helping them understand the needs of the chil.
  • Helping them complete adoption or custody procedures.


Provide shelter to children without family support

Provide Social Support

Provide Educational Support